Elena Koltsaki discussing mediation

Mediation … in the media

Mediation info and training by AKKED Prometheus and ADR Center. Greece hosted by local TV channel. PARAGRAPH On Friday March 11th, the President of AKKED Prometheus, exclusive partner of ADR Center in the delivery of mediation training, together with Elena Koltsaki, lead trainer of AKKED Prometheus and ADR Center were invited in a talk show to discuss the […]

ADR Center GR mediation news

Litigation 2015. Roundtable

Which industries have seen an increase in the level of litigation over the past 12 months? Bettina Knoetzl: In fraud and white-collar crime-related matters, industries which are regarded as “red flag” industries, such as construction and defence-related industries, have faced greater scrutiny from prosecutors, resulting in increased work for litigators active in the fields of […]


Canada’s Court System

he purpose of Canada’s court system is to assist people in resolving their disputes in a just and equitable manner. In fulfilling this mandate, the courts interpret and apply laws and address issues that impact upon all facets of Canadian society. With the exception of the province of Québec, which administers a predominantly civil law […]


Top court to establish patent dispute mediation center

Corea’s top court will establish a patent dispute mediation center as part of efforts to promptly help settle cross-border legal battles involving intellectual property rights, officials said Tuesday. The Supreme Court said it would launch a special “one-stop” center under the Patent Court where the international intellectual property conflicts can be negotiated and resolved. “Mediation […]