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PM opens Arbitration and Alternative Disputes Resolution Conference in Aqaba

Aqaba, Nov. 12 (Petra) – Deputizing for His Majesty King Abdullah II, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour patronized in Aqaba, on Thursday, the opening of the Arbitration and Alternative Disputes Resolution Conference, which is organized by the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and a number of local and international experts and arbitrators.

In the opening speech, the prime minister said Jordan was one of the first countries to devote an independent and sophisticated arbitration law that simulates arbitration laws in developed countries. The first Jordanian arbitration law was enacted in 1953, he added.

“Although we are enjoying an outstanding professional and a respected judicial system, but we in Jordan have supported and adopted all legislation that would find alternative means of dispute settlement and resolution, particularly arbitration, conciliation and mediation,” Ensour said, while stressing that these means, in the present time, constitute genuine means to resolve disputes.

He pointed out that individuals are now turning to alternative means to resolve disputes, before resorting to the ordinary judicial system, because arbitration is one of the most important, widespread and common means to end disputes.

The premier added that Jordan has made quantum leaps towards a comprehensive, long and lasting reform, through developing the Kingdom’s legislative system, which ensures stable, stimulating and safe environment for Arab and foreign investments.

Ensour noted that arbitration in Jordan has been coping to the international trade’s new and advanced terms and was able to secure appropriate solutions to arising disputes, which contributed to the prosperity of the arbitration and development of a strong and integrated system.

Justice Minister, Bassam Talhouni, said resorting to alternative means of dispute resolution has become, in the present time, a matter of urgency to meet the requirements of modern business that courts can no longer address individually.

He announced that the ministry, through a committee of experts and lawmakers, has drafted a modern arbitration law that suits developments in the world of arbitration, enhances the confidence in Jordan’s legal system and provides the appropriate dispute resolution for investors and businessmen from Jordan and abroad. The new law would replace the current arbitration law No. 31 for the year 2001.

The conference, which is being held with the participation of Jordanian and international experts, specialists and arbitrators, will discuss a number of topics related to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, including the amended bill of the Jordanian arbitration law.”



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